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Benefits to users

  • May reduce discomfort of being handled by reducing “hands on contact” – especially for those with sensory processing difficulties.
  • May reduce the amount of steps required and time taken – eg no longer need to slide user to one edge of the bed before turning the service user and no need to place and remove sliding sheets .
  • May reduce risk and fear of user being turned near the edge of the bed.
  • May reduce the number of carers required, for some services users multiple carers may be overwhelming and this also may reduce delays when waiting for the second/third carer.
  • This method can be considered more dignified than being physically handled.
  • The reduction in carers may increase level of interaction between the carer that is present and the service user. 


Benefits to carers

  • May reduce physical strain of turning user especially when working with fully dependent, heavy, or challenging users.
  • May reduce the need to place and remove sliding sheets before and after turning a person fully.
  • May reduce risk of injury when user displays challenging behaviours such as hitting or kicking.
  • May enable carers to work alone or with less staff to reduce dependence on other carers.
  • May reduce the amount of time required for tasks to be carried out.


Benefits to commissioners

  • May reduce cost of care package as less care staff are likely to be required
  • The automated mechanism reduces dependence in carers and therefore may reduce risk of injury to care staff – reducing need to cover sick leave etc
  • The benefits of the automated system may reduce the impact on carers  and so it  may enable them to maintain the role for longer as their role will be easier to manage.
  • May reduce the need for additional equipment that may need frequent replacement or servicing.
  • May reduce the complexities involved in coordinating carers for packages when there are less carers.