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What profiling bed is in situ?
Are there side rails attached to the bed in place?
What is the service users weight?
Can the service user be transferred out of bed to allow for the installation?
Is there 60 – 70 cm space each side of the bed for installation and operating the system?
Is there a free plug socket at one end of the bed?(please ensure there is)
At least one set of regular carers must be present at the installation to carry out usual manual handling tasks, trial the system and be able to hand over to other staff. Please advise who will be present.
Please be advised that at least two hours will be required for installation and demonstration and the carers will need to be present throughout.
Service User information and background
Client name
Client Phone Number
OT Name
Email address
OT Number
What is the current difficulty?
What is the current care package?
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