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85-year-old Mike has been diagnosed with Dementia, which impacts both his cognitive and physical function. Mike lives in a nursing home and requires full support with all daily tasks, including turning in bed, due to his physical limitations. Due to poor understanding and confusion, Mike tends to hit out, grab onto items and resist movement. This increases the challenges involved with managing personal care tasks. As a result, a minimum of two carers are required to carry out these tasks to ensure both Mike and the care staff remain safe.


Alternative methods and interventions such as a 4-way glide sheets had been trialled, however, this did not reduce the risk or distress to Mike adequately. It was therefore decided to trial the Turna, an in-bed patient turner.
Turna is a unique combination of an electronically driven turning sheet and two bed rails. The system is controlled using a handset which rotates one roller at a time, causing the sheet to turn the person laying on it.
This combination considerably reduced the strain of turning Mike. After just two weeks, the carers reported that the Turna not only made their task much easier by reducing the physical strength required, but more significantly, Mike was much calmer and more cooperative when being turned using the Turna.
The care staff reported that the Turna minimizes the physical contact between the care staff and Mike, which he responds very well to. Mike remains calm and cooperative throughout the task and no longer hits out or resists the movement. This enables the carers to manage the task much more easily and in less time.


The change in circumstances has been significant: the nursing home has been able to reduce the care staff required to carry out this task from two to one. Mike no longer resists the movement which previously increased the physical strain to the carers, reducing the risk to the carers significantly.

The care staff have reported that use of the Turna has been very successful; they feel they can complete their task in less time, and the risk of injury to them is significantly reduced. They also report that Mike no longer displays aggressive, agitated behaviours during this task.