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How is incontinence managed?

For incontinent users, we recommend placing an incontinence sheet under the patient. This will reduce the need to change the turning sheet so regularly. If soiled, the turning sheet will need to be changed just like a normal bed sheet. Make sure the incontinence sheet is not rolled on to the Turna rolls.

What beds does it fit?

The Turna fits most community profiling beds. The technical specification of the bed must comply with EN 60601-2-52 and can be only mounted on beds with square side bars on the lying surface. Please get in touch and we will happily come and try the system on your bed.


Do all the profiling functions still work as normal with the system?

Yes. As long as you loosen the turning sheet before using the profile functions.



Can you use air mattresses with the system?

Yes. When using the alternating air mattress, it is recommended that it is turned to “auto firm” or “static” with max pressure before turning a service user to ensure less friction and greater comfort for the client.

Is it easy to change the sheet?

Yes. Just the same process as changing a normal bed sheet – however you must detach a sheet from the turning roller and then attach a new one – meaning you have two sheets to tuck under the service user not one. You have the soiled or old turning sheet and the new turning sheet.

Is the sheet washable?

Yes, both the slide sheet and the turning sheet can be washed at 95 degrees and machine dried at a low temperature.


Can you move the patient up the bed as well?

Yes. With the Turna you can move someone up the bed – although it may take a few times to get used to the method.


What is the weight limit of the system?

31 stone / 200kg


When turning is there a risk of sheer on the patient’s heels?

If you are concerned about the risk of sheer when turning on the patient’s malleolus and/or heels we recommend slipping in a slide sheet under the patient feet. However, the risk of sheer is very minimal, it does depend on the client’s skin condition. Always seek a clinical judgement.


Is there a risk of the patient slipping down the bed if the bed is profiled?

Yes. There is always a risk the patient may slip slightly down the bed when the bed is profiled. We recommend raising the knee break and the backrest to minimise the risk of slipping.


Do we do a Bariatric version?

Not now. We are currently developing this and will be available in a few months’ time.


How many sheets does it come with?

Two turning sheets and two slide sheets. More of both sheets can be purchased separately. Part numbers are listed under our specification page.


Is the Turna similar to the Toto?

No. The Toto has been designed for pressure management and only tilts a patient to 30 degrees – it does not turn them. The Turna has been specifically designed as a moving and handling aid for turning a patient fully onto their side –even a complete 360 degrees’ if necessary.


Does a wedge come with the Turna?

Not as standard within the Turna package – it is an accessory which we can add to your order.